Innovating in Wealth and Asset Management

A 2 day course unleashing your creative potential for success

The wealth and asset management industry is suffering from declining margins since years. Fierce competition has hurt revenues. Increasing regulatory demands has resulted in higher costs. Many new products have failed to deliver on their promises. New entrants, like FinTech companies, try to disrupt the market with unconventional business models. Being innovative then becomes essential in this rapidly changing environment. This two-day course allows you gaining key insights into the art and science of innovation. It focuses on the essential information for understanding the economic logic behind delivering value to clients, and this at appropriate cost. It is tailor made for the specificities of the wealth and asset management industry and delivers detailed frameworks that can be applied immediately within your business.

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Whay you are going to learn

What innovation is all about

  • Myths and reality about creativity
  • How to transform an idea into a successful innovation
  • Avoiding the most common innovation pitfalls
  • Ideation and the FORTH innovation method

Understanding innovation in the context of strategy

  • Identifying innovation opportunities along the value chain
  • How “Uber” like platform business models work
  • Case study: Pricing as the next disruptor!?

Developing new investment offerings using design thinking

  • Understanding the customer journey and “Jobs To Be Done” theory
  • Developing new investment products using the investment management canvas
  • Design thinking as a customer centric innovation process

Using regulatory requirements as a driver for innovation

  • Really, really know your client
  • Transparency as a differentiating factor
  • Adding value through satisfying risk management requirements

Understanding FinTech as an innovation enabler

  • Robo-Advice as a new customer servicing model?
  • Unleashing value from big data … or rather smart data
  • Chatbots and avatars as the relationship manager of the future
  • Blockchain, the new prodigy

Best practice in product development

  • The need for a structured product development process
  • Adapting PDMA’s generic best-practice process to the wealth and asset management industry
  • Communication as a key success factor in product development
  • Ensuring a balanced portfolio of new initiatives along multiple dimensions

Benefits from attending

  • Experience creative thinking to generate new ideas and innovative offerings
  • Relate strategic thinking to practical innovation
  • Grasp identifying and addressing customer needs
  • Make regulatory requirements your new friend
  • Understand seminal technology as an enabler for innovation


The course will be taught as a combination of

  • foundation presentations based on market trends, best practice, and academic theory,
  • focused cased studies, and
  • interactive group exercises directed towards the needs and interests of the course participants.

Recommended for

  • Managers and employees at all levels involved in innovation and product development
  • Product managers and marketing specialists
  • Project managers and members of innovation teams
  • New business developers
  • Business consultants
  • Anyone interested in innovation management
Dr. Claude Diderich is the founder and managing director of Diderich Consulting, an innovation and strategy consulting boutique. He has more than 18 years of experience in strategy development, business model innovation, product development, investment process design, business process optimization and technology

Claude Diderich holds a doctor ès sciences from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne and a specialization certificate in Design Thinking and Innovation from the University of Virginia. He is a certified New Product Development Professional (NPDP)

Valuable tools and resources that help one in the ‘daily business’ to always use a structured approach and not lose the overview” (translated from German)
C. DENZLER, Zürcher Kantonalbank
The seminar has taught me useful methods and tools which can easily be put into practice and contribute to the improvement of a systematic product development process” (translated from German)
N. ROTH, Swiss Life Asset Management
[The Investment Management] Canvas shows what to pay attention to (in deciding on sales questions). Various interesting techniques and tools in product development [have been presented]” (translated from German)
I have received many interesting suggestions regarding product development & product portfolio management. I would return immediately!” (translated from German)
M. JAGGY, Zuger Kantonalbank

Location and Date

Location: t.b.d.
Date: t.b.d.


  • General audience: CHF 1’950,-
  • Early bird: deadline has passed
  • Clients of Diderich Consulting: contact us

Price includes coffee during breaks, lunch, parking, as well as extensive English documentation