If we tell you that we have achieved outstanding results, then that is “publicity”. If our clients tell you the same thing, then such a statement is a sign of their conviction. Many clients and former colleagues have written us a reference. See what they say …

From clients

The process of strategy development [supported by Claude Diderich] was interesting. Although the changes to our existing model seemed subtle, the impact is considerable. I believe that the business model we came up with makes a lot more sense now.”
PAUL BERNARDT, Managing Director, UniGroup Relocation Network
The early conversation among the group [strategic advisory committee] seemed to show that each company wanted different things from the organisation and arriving at a sensible sized list of goals was not going to be possible. Debate and questioning enabled a core list of common goals to be identified around which a strategy could be developed. Claude persisted with simple questioning, leading us to the sensible solutions.”
PAUL HAYNES, Cadogan Tate
This [business unit strategy development] exercise enabled the organization’s leaders to take a look at the business with fresh eyes. It enabled us to challenge and re-examine what has been considered best practice and to re-define this, whilst ensuring we are all aligned regarding where our focus should lie.”
MANPREET DHAMI-MAGNE, Director, Destination and Immigration Services, packimpex
Dr. Claude Diderich developed a risk budget engine to optimally translate our market views (TAA) into a concrete client portfolio considering all client restrictions. This engine consistently and transparently aligns the client’s portfolio allocation to our tactical view, thus minimizing the loss of alpha-relevant information during the implementation process. Furthermore, the integration of the risk budget engine allowed us to streamline our portfolio management process, thus minimizing implementation costs.”
MASSIMO FERRARI, while Head Quand & Balanced PM, Zürcher Kantonalbank

From former colleagues

Claude brought to UBS a wealth of structure, knowledge and experience in shaping the discretionary in-vestment process. His solid academic background and detail orientation helped implementing a consistent risk-based process enhancing the quality of transmission of our investment house view into each individual client portfolio.”
ANDREA FRANCESCHETTO, while Director, Portfolio Construction, UBS Wealth Management
Dr. Claude Diderich has exceptional analytical skills and the ability to simplify complex matter to a business practical degree. His ability to break down, present and transform challenging business situations is unique and warrants high value.”
MICHAEL BLUM, Head of Investment Management Hong Kong, UBS
I experienced Claude as a very dedicated manager who works extremely hard to achieve objectives. He has a strong knowledge in both business and technology areas, where he is able to either work on the big picture or go deep into details. Claude is intelligent, highly motivated, understands quickly and continuously challenges himself and people around to find the best solutions for the business.”
MARIA JOSE JORDA GARCIE, while Investment Systems Head, UBS Wealth Management
His knowledge about risk and investment process are impressive. His work made a difference and opened the door for innovative investment products. He is a very loyal, hardworking and dedicated professional. One of his outstanding skill is to present the most complex investment process/products to peers/colleagues, consultants and clients.”
CHRISTOPH SCHENK, while CIO and Global Head Multi Asset Class Solutions, Credit Suisse Asset Management
Claude is an innovator and a forward looking thinker. He was certainly among the first in Switzerland to implement a Black-Litterman optimization based tool and structured investment process in a large organization, helping Credit Suisse Asset Management moving from a “traditional” balanced approach to a real state-of-the-art 2.0 Multi Asset management. The structure and tools he promoted at that time are still in use in the company.”
GREGOR HIRT, while Vice President, Credit Suisse Asset Management
Dr. Claude Diderich shows highest skills in the area of portfolio optimization and computer programming. His development of an optimal risk budgeting tool to capture investment views on a client specific level increased the professionalism of handling client money dramatically within our group. With his intellectual talent and the strong willingness to share his skills with others in order to support and help out if requested, Dr. Claude Diderich was a highly respected person among colleagues and supervisors.”
STEFAN BAER, Junior Portfolio Manager, Credit Suisse Asset Management
Claude is the brain behind our portfolio management optimizing tool. This tools allows very easy estimates and opinions and optimizes them in a highly sophisticated manner and controls the risk very strictly. He’s a very smart guy and has brilliant ideas. Claude needs a highly professional challenging environment and people who understand and appreciate his ideas.”
KATARINA B STUMM, while Portfolio Manager, Credit Suisse Asset Management
Claude is a highly skilled computer scientist. He used in a very professional way his profound theoretical knowledge to tackle theoretical and practical problems. I enjoyed having him as a work colleague [while both working at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne].”
PAUL-JEAN CAGNARD, Senior Software Engineer, NagraCard

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