Results that Count

We believe that any consulting engagement should focus on creating value through

  • focusing on tangible and intangible results that can be realistically achieved,
  • reducing the inherent uncertainty that goes along with any change, and
  • entrenching the results achieved in your daily business.

The following list is a small sample of possible tangible and intangible engagement outcomes. While defining an engagement, we agree with our clients on specific results to be achieved.

Possible results agreed with our clients:

  • Develop a simple to understand capital protected absolute return investment solution contributing 10% to profitability in its first year.
  • Introduce the wealth management canvas framework for streamlining the new product development process through adapting a common language.
  • Implement a stage-gate based new product development process reducing average development time from idea to launch by 20%.
  • Moderate a two day innovation workshop resulting in 15 creative new service ideas to be field tested.
Possible results agreed with our clients:

  • Increase revenues by 15% through focusing on profitable client segments.
  • Reduce capital requirements by 20% through systematically identifying and outsourcing non-core activities.
  • Improve customer satisfaction through implementing an organization structure aligned with a customer centric strategy.
  • Adapt existing business model to leverage core capabilities though a novel value proposition.
Possible results agreed with our clients:

  • Reduce the year end reporting production processing time by 10% through implementing a just-in-time business process approach.
  • Improve consistency of investment performance by introducing a risk budgeting based portfolio construction model.
  • Decrease impact of a specific investment risk materializing through implementing a novel risk mitigation approach.
  • Introduce a building block based IT architecture allowing to leverage core functionalities and reducing the annual maintenance overhead by 30%.