Some of our achieved engagement results.

Customer segmentation and product specification

Supported senior management in re-designing their customer segmentation and associated product specification focusing on satisfying customer needs and creating value both for the customer and the company. Engagement resulted in a unique solution offering a holistic service for wealthy individuals around all their financial needs

Strategy, business model, and target operating model design

Supported a major pension fund in redefining its business model and preparing strategic and technological decisions with respect to implementing plan changes. Based on design the outcome, the pension fund implemented targeted plan changes and selected its pension fund software supporting the changes

Strategy and business model review

Supported directors and senior management in reviewing and adjusting their strategy and business model. Based on the business model canvas framework, innovative options were developed and implemented. A special focus was put on aligning the organizational structure with a customer centric servicing model

Business strategy implementation

Supported senior management in implementing developed strategy and business model. A key focus was on identifying, prioritizing, planning, and executing the appropriative change initiatives aligned with the capabilities for change of the client

Post-merger integration strategy and business model review

Supported board of directors and senior management in reviewing the corporate strategy and business model in the context of a post-merger integration, with special focus on client ownership

Business model options design

Coached network owners in successfully developing multiple innovative business model options which allow the relocation company network to extend its focus area beyond traditional employee relocations by leveraging available capabilities in adjacent business areas

IT strategy development

Developed an IT strategy serving multiple business lines around wealth management focusing on the “make-or-buy” and efficiency with minimal up-front investments decisions, based on the underlying business model and criticality of IT for its success

Design and implementation of risk budgeting based asset allocation tool

Led project enhancing multi-asset class investment process of the asset management division of a major bank by introducing and implementing an innovative risk budgeting approach. Role included business analysis, model development, software implementation, and roll-out

Risk budgeting based asset allocation investment process development

Led project enhancing multi-asset class investment process by designing, implementing, and introducing an innovative risk budgeting approach resulting in improved and more consistent investment performance as well as enhanced customer communication

Strategic asset allocation investment process development and implementation

Conducted an international best-practice study on how pension funds address strategic asset allocation. Developed action alternatives on how to support the investment commissions responsible for the strategic asset allocation of the pension fund. Supported pension fund in designing and implementing an investment process tailored to their beliefs, capabilities, and resources. Developed IT prototype implementing selected approach

Risk management maturity analysis

Led analysis reviewing the maturity of the risk management capabilities related to managing fixed income portfolios. Successfully applied proprietary risk management maturity model. Analysis identified key weaknesses in risk modeling approach as well as in risk reporting capabilities