It is impossible to imagine today’s world without technology. But the best technology is worthless if it does not support the value creation purpose of your business. Many start-ups, but also large corporations, have learned this wisdom the hard way. However, it does not have to be that way!

We believe that using technology, whether it being blockchain, internet of things, machine learning, robots, or just implementing the next generation of user experience, starts by understanding its key characteristics. Just as important it is not to be afraid of new technologies, you should avoid being blended by technology marketing gimmicks, promising heaven on earth. Having a clear conception of your technology architecture focusing on supporting your business model his key. We are convinced that this can be achieved through encapsulating, rather than avoiding, complexity associated with technological changes.

Understanding new technologies

With our in-depth expertise, we support our clients in understanding technological trends and the implications for their specific business models. Through technology think tanks, we ensure that our clients stay up-to-speed on technological change and know if and when to capitalize on them

Technology strategy

In today’s environment, success requires technology supporting the business model rather than defining it – unless the business model is purely founded on technology. We support our clients in developing an appropriate technology strategy supporting the delivery of the value propositions. Our focus is on assuring highest possible flexibility combined with positive return on investments and short amortization horizons

Technology architecture

Having a sound technology architecture in place is key to support today’s business model execution. We support our clients in developing forward-looking technology architectures separating business requirements from technology aspects. We believe optimal results are achieved by encapsulating complexity and remaining flexible enough for change

Solution / Vendor selection

We support our clients with selecting the right solution offered by the most qualified vendor to implement their technology architecture and achieve their strategic goals. We provide expertise in handling the whole selection business process, from requirements formulation, aligning business and technology language, writing requests for proposal (RFP), through evaluating and choosing the most appropriate solution

We support our clients in unleashing value from technology and ensuring that technological change adds value

We advise our clients with respect to

  • understanding technological trends, like blockchain, machine learning, artificial intelligence, internet of things, or business process automation
  • developing a technology strategy that supports the business strategy and allows to steadily growth and generate sustainable profit margins
  • design a practical technology architecture that not only allows positioning their business with respect to competition, but also supports them in delivering upon the promises made
  • navigating through the request for proposal (RFP) process followed by selecting and implementing the most appropriate technology solutions meeting well defined needs and satisfying identified pains