Business Unit Strategy Development

Any business unit aiming at achieving lasting success needs a sound strategy. We offer supporting you in designing and / or reviewing your business unit strategy such that it provides you with a competitive advantage based on satisfying real customer needs using a tailored value chain. We apply a design science based approach, which is proceeds by iteratively observing, learning, designing, and validating. The complexity of strategy design is reduced and commitment of all stakeholders is assured.

Traditional strategy development is based theoretical frameworks relying on lengthy data gathering and analysis phases. These rather dogmatic, delivery oriented approaches often fail to integrate stakeholders in a participatory way into the strategy development process. Achieved value creation rarely meets expectations and at worst, the results end up as a 500+ page binder never implemented.

To avoid this trap, we have developed a design science based strategy development and /or review approach. It focuses on interactive prototyping, that is, mentally trying out new ideas, until a sufficiently sound strategy has been formulated. We start by introducing clarity through observing and learning, followed by design and testing phases. Data gathering focuses on validation rather than on fact-finding. To structure the overall strategy development process, we use the business model canvas framework shown below. Build around the value proposition (red) are satisfied customer needs (green) and a tailored value chain (blue) providing you with lasting competitive advantage. Sound financials (light grey) round-up the design.
Figure 1 - Business Model Canvas

We offer to collaborate with your team and you to develop and / or review your business unit strategy based on our design science based approach. Our approach is simple and effective. It aims at delivering a successful strategy and associated business model which will catapult your organization to the next level.

Our business model based strategy solution achieves this goal by

  • focusing on aligning client needs with the value proposition offered and available capabilities maximizing the benefits for yyou and profitability for your company
  • using design science based prototyping and testing to provide early access to applicable results
  • providing a common graphical language for discussing business opportunities avoiding the bla, bla, bla trap
  • being pragmatic and hands-on and not requiring a PhD to be successfully applied
Our strategy development and / or review solution is be conducted as two workshops separated by a period of field testing and validation, as illustrated below.

  • During the first workshop the goals are defined and the current business model documented. Ideally, the first workshop is be preceded by a focused observation phase. Based on an environment review and a SWOT analysis, possible target value propositions and associated business models are prototyped.
  • The developed business model prototypes are then validated through field tests and adjusted, if and where needed.
  • In a second workshop, the tested business model is finalized and a validated strategy derived. Optionally, the strategy and associated business model can be used to address specific aspects of the target operating model, like your organizational structure, your client servicing model, or the role of IT within your organization.

Figure 2 - Design science based business strategy development

Taking advantage of our design science based business unit strategy design and or / review solution provides you with

  • an approach based on a powerful, yet easy to understand visual framework, maximizing efficiency and effectiveness of business model and strategy development
  • a top-down framework focusing on the essentials and avoiding over-engineering
  • an effective utilization of senior management time, requiring no more than 3 + 1 workshop days of active participation
  • a proven process supported by a senior moderator with attested track record in strategy development facilitation
  • a sound and practical business unit strategy and associated business model ready for implementation
What our clients said about our business unit strategy development and / or review solution:

This [business unit strategy development] exercise enabled the organization’s leaders to take a look at the business with fresh eyes. It enabled us to challenge and re-examine what has been considered best practice and to re-define this, whilst ensuring we are all aligned regarding where our focus should lie.”
MANPREET DHAMI-MAGNE, Director, Destination and Immigration Services, packimpex