True strategy is about placing bets and making informed choices – decide what to do an especially what not to do. The objective is not to eliminate risk but to increase the odds of success. Change is the only constant. Success is only temporary – strategies expire, like yoghurts expire.

Traditional strategy development is based theoretical sound frameworks relying on lengthy data gathering and analysis phases. These rather dogmatic, delivery oriented approaches often fail to integrate stakeholders in a participatory way into the strategy development process. Achieved value creation rarely meets expectations and at worst, the results end up as a 500+ page binder never implemented.

To avoid this trap, we apply design science based strategy development and /or review. We focus on interactive prototyping, that is, mentally trying out new ideas, until a sufficiently sound strategy has been formulated. We start by introducing clarity through observing and learning, followed by design and testing phases. Data gathering focuses on validation rather than on fact-finding.

We support our clients in developing and / or reviewing their strategy and associated business model offering advice on

Customer segmentation

Customers are at the core of any sound business strategy. As not all customers have the same needs, pains, and expected gains, we support our clients with identifying the most profitable customer segments with respect to their strategy

Value proposition

A company can only be as successful as it is in providing value to its customers. We support our clients in developing and / or strengthening their unique value proposition such as to create significant gains and / or alleviate existing customer pains. We aid our customers in identifying the value of the products and services to potential customers and derive associated marketing strategies

Business unit strategy

As Prof. Michael Porter once said, strategy is about choosing what not to do. We support our clients with defining their strategy allowing to identify where to successfully compete. In conjunction with the strategy development activity we help our clients to (re-)define their business model assuring that the chosen strategy can be successfully implemented

We support our clients in enhancing their capabilities along the value chain focusing on profitability, product and service quality, and uncertainty management.

We help our clients

  • identify and acquire profitable customer segments and satisfy their needs
  • develop their strategy and associated business model that allows to steadily growth and generate sustainable profit margins
  • design an investment philosophy that not only allows positioning their business with respect to competition, but also supports them in delivering upon the promises made
  • maximize the value of their product and service portfolio by implementing sound product lifecycle management combined with proven prioritization metrics
  • assure that their technology strategy is aligned with the business model, maximizing return on investments