Second Opinion on Call

Have you ever been confronted with tough management issues requiring quick decisions and being uncertain on how to proceed? Do you like to review your thoughts before discussing then with your management team? Are you unsure about how to proceed, which option to choose, whom to trust? Do you have an innovative idea that you want to reexamine before “going public”?

If you have answered any of these questions with “yes”, you may be interested in our Second Opinion on Call (SOoC) service.

We offer our clients, under the SOoC service agreement, unlimited access to our experience and expertise in the context of obtaining a second opinion on questions related to their role as well as special assignments they have on-boarded. We provide objective advice to the best of our knowledge. And all for a single flat fee investment, making our clients’ life easier and enhancing their value creation capabilities through supporting informed decisions.

Whenever our clients have a question or open issue they want to discuss or have feedback on, they can contact us to obtain our professional opinion. Their requests will be handled with the highest priority. No worry about the timing or the frequency of their access. The value of the SOoC service is in the personal, trusting, and unrestricted access to our experience and expertise, rather than frequency of contacts or on-site visits.

To avoid any conflict of interest, in the case our advice includes launching a new project, adjusting or killing an existing one, we will suggest alternative methods to engage in such projects relying on our client’s internal resources or other third-party resources at their request.

The SOoC service is provided during a fixed period under a single fee agreement providing optimal efficiency and transparency allowing you to maximize your return on investment.

The SOoC service offers numerous advantages in terms of value creation to your.

  • We provide unlimited access to our expertise and experience in a non-bureaucratic way increasing their success rate.
  • We provide independent, objective, and unique advice when and as often as needed without overloading expenses.
  • Our advice helps you save time through giving them easy and efficient access to hard to obtain expertise.
  • The ongoing nature of the SOoC service allows you to avoid the friction associated with accessing expertise on a case-by-case basis.
  • We help you reduce the uncertainty associated with their decisions through a sound discussion on advantages and drawbacks and different options available.
  • Due to an ongoing relationship based on personal contact, trust, and confidentiality, the advice we provide will be targeted to the environment and context of your company, especially its mission, vision, and strategy.
  • Rather than provide one-off advice, our SOoC service includes significant know-how transfer due to the ongoing interaction between you and us, increasing their expertise.