Excellence in Investment Management

Are you a successful investment manager and want to become even more successfully? Have you ever asked yourself the question what you could do more or do differently to increase your performance? Aiming at improving your capabilities to deliver upon the promises made? Or is managing the uncertainty more important? How do you identify gaps that really matter? How do you assure that your business will remain successful tomorrow?

Prosperous investment managers often thrive for excellence. In that process, they are regularly faced with the challenge of determining the right initiatives that will be supported by the whole organization and provide a material impact to success. Our Excellence in Investment Management solution provides a novel structured framework for identifying tangible areas for improvement within your organization. It helps derive targeted high value creating quick-wins and initiatives along the value chain and thus supports you in achieving superior performance.

We believe that superior performance is tightly linked to excellence in areas that really matter. Based on this conviction, we have developed the Excellence in Investment Management solution. It allowing you

  • gaining a common understanding of what excellence means in the context of your strategy and organization
  • applying excellence to implement your strategy and create value
  • defining quick-wins and initiatives that will support you in achieving superior performance
Our Excellence in Investment Management (EIM) solution is structured around a collaborative workshop bringing together your key stakeholders. It focuses on goal oriented discussions and is based on an innovative and sound framework guiding the debate. It proceeds in six steps:

  • Step 1 – Reviewing strategy by focusing on uniqueness and value creation
    Ahead of the actual workshop, we start by reviewing your strategy and assure that it is well defined and thoroughly communicated to all participating stakeholders.
  • Step 2 – Understanding excellence from an individual perspective
    We begin the excellence workshop by integrating all stakeholders through requiring them to present what excellence means to them from a personal and a division/department/team perspective.
  • Step 3 – Gaining a common understanding of excellence
    Next we apply a proprietary framework based on the earned value concept to gain a common understanding toward excellence within your organization. The framework relates an inside view towards excellence based on capabilities, activities, and investments, to a business model view focusing on value creation.
  • Step 4 – Relating excellence to value creation along the value chain
    Once we have gained a common understanding of what areas are key to quality, we map theses areas onto your customized value chain.
  • Step 5 – Deriving quick-wins and initiatives
    In the fifth step during the workshop, based on the outcome of mapping the areas for excellence onto your value chain, we derive quick-wins and prioritized initiatives.
  • Step 6 – De-briefing assuring insight gained is further processes
    To assure that the insight gained during the workshop is further processed, we conclude with a de-briefing meeting. It supports the putting in place of the appropriate implementation framework and governance structure assuring lasting success.

Applying the Excellence in Investment Management (EIM) is an investment into your future. It focuses on supporting you in achieving superior performance.

  • EIM allows you to better understand what excellence means in the context of your strategy, increasing the probability of success of any initiative aiming at achieving excellence
  • EIM supports you to select areas for improvement where enhancements really matters in the light of your strategy
  • EIM helps you focus and thus reduces the risk of poor investment decisions, that is, increase the probability of success of selecting the right initiatives
  • EIM helps you to differentiate yourself for competitors and achieve superior performance