Innovation is about transforming ideas into marketable products and services. Business model innovation goes one step further – it is about developing business models that supports innovative products and services.

Unfortunately companies often fail to transform their most promising and well-funded new business ideas into successfully solutions. Although most companies understand the imperative to innovate, they lack the skillset to develop novel ideas. Unwillingness to change, legacy business models, and lack of leadership support are some issues that often stall innovation as well as the resulting value creation.

We supports our clients with overcoming common as well as not so common obstacles encountered while trying to innovate. We believe successful innovation can be best achieved through taking a holistic business model approach, which allows addressing rational as well as emotional issues encountered in any innovation process. We focus on helping our clients develop and implement innovative business models that deliver value.

Successful innovation support requires a combination of moderation skills, frameworks knowledge providing a common language, and strong industry expertise. We master a large number of facilitation techniques, from traditional facilitative listening, through the collaborative structure inquiry approach, to anti-conventional thinking. We primarily rely on variations of the well known business model canvas framework as common language and tool for structuring idea generation transformation during the innovation process.

We notably support our clients with

  • generating valuable, new ideas for engaging with customers focusing on identifying recognized as well as hidden needs,
  • identifying new growth opportunities through developing competitive value propositions based on existing and potential capabilities, and
  • developing innovative business models that allow satisfying unmet needs of customers in an efficient and profitable way.

Our approaches and recommendations are highly customized and lead to practical actions related to value creation. We focus on results that work for our clients!

We support our clients in enhancing their capabilities along the value chain focusing on profitability, product and service quality, and uncertainty management.

We help our clients

  • identify profitable customer segments, resulting in improved margins
  • develop value propositions that meet actual customer needs
  • design innovative business models focusing of creating value for their customers and themselves
  • optimize their product portfolio focusing on achieving the best possible investment decisions
  • introduce streamlined innovation processes supporting them to stay at the forefront of future customer expectations