Industry Coverage

We strive to be your preferred innovation and strategy consulting partner. We primarily focus our subject matter expertise on financial investing, covering the whole value chain, from client onboarding, through investment advice and portfolio management, up to using technology to differentiate and gain efficiency. As investing is about people, we put organizational and governance aspects at the forefront of our work

Private Banking

We help private banks embrace change and position themselves for profitability
  • Advisory process
  • Digital strategy
  • Pricing models
  • Post-merger integration
  • Value based cost optimization

Asset Management

We support asset managers winning in the current highly competitive environment through designing and implementing state-of-the-art investment processes
  • Investment philosophy
  • Market forecasting
  • Risk management
  • Portfolio construction
  • Performance measurement

Pension Funds

We advise pension funds on implementing a service oriented operating model aiming at customer satisfaction, sound governance, and best practice investment capabilities
  • Organization and governance
  • Asset and liability management
  • Investment decision process
  • Technology platform

Family offices

We support single and multi family offices focusing on organization, governance and best practice in sustained wealth management
  • Goal setting and risk profiling
  • Organization and governance
  • Wealth management process set-up
  • Suppliers and partnerships

Technology Startups

We collaborate with FinTech start-ups in aligning innovative business ideas with market realities through taking a holistic approach
  • Business model & value proposition
  • Set-up coaching
  • Technology expertise
  • Alliances and partnerships

Alliances and Networks

We assist alliances and networks, whether non-profit or for-profit, aligning their offerings with member needs and willingness to pay
  • Value proposition
  • Operating model
  • Governance
  • Financing