Our Value to You

Today many businesses face more and more pressure around revenues, costs, as well quality. Although cost reduction programs as well as acquiring growth allow alleviating the pain on a short to medium term time horizon, best practice shows that a solid business model, combined with sound innovation and iexecution capabilities are key to strengthen clients’ trust and generate sustained profitability.

We believe that success requires focusing on results rather than deliverables.

  • We provide services focusing on subject matter expertise and experience combined with concise methodology
    You get advice that is focused on creating value based on an in-depth understanding of your industry rather than relying on generic frameworks
  • We combine analytical rigor with creative design science based thinking to develop innovative solution options in partnership with you
    You can rest assured that the proposed solution options will be aligned with your overall business strategy and operating model avoiding unnecessary frictions
  • We are executing all assignments ourselves and do not rely on outsourcing or using junior resources. In addition, we assure continuous in-depth know-how transfer to you
    You get direct and unfiltered access to the value we provide. The know-how transfer, which is an integral part of our value proposition to you, assures an optimal investment to you
  • We offer our services to you in English, French, or German or any combination thereof
    By speaking your language, “literally”, we assure optimal communication between you and us
  • We offer competitive fees related to the value created by the services provided without sacrificing quality
    By focusing on value creation and minimizing unnecessary overhead, we assure an optimal return on investment to you. In addition, you avoid the conflict of interest inherent in billable hours pricing models

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