Our Approach

Classical consulting engagements focus on data gathering, analysis, and fact-finding, followed by a deductive solution deriving approach. They are built on solid theoretical foundations, but often lack sufficient practical relevance. In many cases, they do not lead to the expected value creation results

Climbing the logic hill path

With our design thinking approach, we focuses on reducing the complexity early on in the engagement by iteratively observing, learning, designing, and validating.

Design thinking versus process based approaches for creating value

Design thinking versus process based approaches for creating value

Rather than solely reyling on academic findings, we combine theoretical foundations with practical prototyping, that is, trying out new ideas, until a sufficiently sound solution has been developed. We start by introducing clarity through iteratively observing and learning, translated rapidly into prototypes. Data gathering focuses on validating the prototypes rather than fact-finding. Our approach is inductive as opposed to deductive

Design thinking

Design thinking is a pragmatic methodology for addressing business challenges and innovating, focusing on four iterative step, called O-L-D-T. It is preceded by an understanding phase which assures that there exists a common understanding of the challenge to be addressed. This phase is usually completed prior to starting any engagement

The four steps of the O-L-D-T approach are:

  • O – Observe the environment surrounding the challenge by listening, observing, and contextualizing
  • L – Learn through identifying insights, clustering information, and, synthesizing new knowledge
  • D – Develop ideas, transform ideas into solutions, and design prototype solutions based on the synthesized knowledge
  • T – Validate the prototype solutions through testing with the targeted audience and ensuring a problem-solution fit
Design thinking O-L-D-T approach illustrated

Design thinking O-L-D-T approach illustrated

The motto of design thinking can be summarized by the following quote:


Fail earlier to succeed sooner”
Michael Dell

Our design thinking approach makes problem solving tangible to practitioners. It allows to focus on aspects that matter most, simplifies understanding and promotes participation. Reasonable solutions are developed in a much shorter time, when compared to classical process based approaches